xRAN Panel at Mobile World Congress 2017, Barcelona, February 28th

Membership Structure and Benefits

The xRAN Foundation is a consortium dedicated to promoting a software-based, extensible Radio Access Network (xRAN) and to standardizing critical elements of the xRAN architecture. The xRAN architecture transforms today’s static, highly-proprietary RAN infrastructure into an extensible, software-based service delivery platform capable of rapidly responding to changing user, application and business needs.

The xRAN Foundation Membership is open to mobile operators, vendors and academic institutions who wants to contribute meaningfully to the project and benefit from the standard interfaces and reference implementations produced by the foundation. The Foundation offers a tiered membership structure to enable a diversity of organizations to participate.

Benefits of Membership:

Access to Standardized Interfaces
All members and contributors have unrestricted rights to use published xRAN Foundation interfaces and APIs.

Rights to Use Reference Implementations for Internal Testing
Members and contributors have rights to reference implementations developed by other members and contributors for testing and lab deployments.

Working Group Participation
Members and contributors may join any working group and participate in the definition of interface requirements and specifications. Appropriate contributor will be selected for each working group, and assigned with development tasks.

Member Meetings
xRAN Foundation schedules bi-weekly all-inclusive conference calls and meets face-to-face when possible at industry events. Working groups hold weekly, and ad-hoc conference calls, as required to achieve the working group objectives.

Membership Structure

“Members” are mobile operators and strong advocates of the xRAN Foundation goals and objectives. “Members” are invited as industry thought leaders and committed to defining the next generation of RAN architecture and services through the creation of standard interfaces.

Annual cost:

Development commitment:
Propose requirements and implement test environments using reference platforms delveloped by the xRAN Foundation contributors.

Test and PoC commitment:
Test environment and PoC commitment

“Contributors” are organizations invited to join the xRAN Foundation to develop reference platforms and products to be tested and deployed by members. They are typically commercial vendors with expertise and development resources and build products commercially available to mobile operators.

Annual cost:

Development commitment:
Development resources dedicated to at least one working group

Test and PoC commitment:
As required to reach the goals and objectives of working groups

Academic Contributors
“Academic Contributors” are organizations invited to join the xRAN Foundation to develop reference platforms and technology to be tested and deployed by members. They are typically research and academic institutions that bring new ideas and add value to the xRAN Foundation and its community.

Annual cost:

For full membership details including Membership Agreement, please contact us through the contact form here.